Who we are

We are software predators, who do not lack the knowledge, skills and years of experience. We understand technology and the manufacturing processes for cutting leather and their implementation, in particular in the automotive segment. We have worked for the German company HUMANTEC GmbH, the French company LECTRA, as well as for the Slovak company PARMEL s.r.o. We have developed our own system for monitoring the status of a production order based on a patented solution for the automatic identification of stamping dies- piranhasoft ID (Intelligent Die). We focus on optimizing and streamlining production processes and helping customers solve problems that occur during cutting and further processing of leather parts. In short, “we’ll get through your skin”


cooperation with the German company HUMANTEC Industrie Systeme GmbH
cooperation with the French company LECTRA
establishment of our company REST Software Solutions s.r.o.
development of a system for the Bratislava company PARMEL s.r.o.
establishment of eSource s.r.o.
cooperation with the company DOXX stravné lístky s.r.o.
beginning of the development of the our first ID system (Intelligent Die)
development of the system ProCash for the planning of cash flow for EUROFORMES
2011- 2012
development of web applications for REC Slovakia and a client of Slovak Telecom
first successful implementation in a production line with 15 workstations in the company HOWE Slovakia
Implementing of another 24 ID systems at HOWE Slovakia